Our Way to Safety

Safety is at the heart of everything we do.


Safety is our number One priority

Ensuring the safety of everyone – field and office – is the most important focus for QuarterNorth’s leadership team. We are committed to constantly improving our ability to do this in everything we do. Our safety program, TrueNorth, is the QuarterNorth way to safety.

The name TrueNorth

The name TrueNorth originated from QuarterNorth – representative of the latitude line of the Gulf: 25 degrees north, or “quarter” north. We were born and bred in this area, which is why we thought it was a fitting inspiration for our new company name.

Our way to safety

TrueNorth is about always finding your way to safety. The North Star is how people have oriented themselves on high seas for thousands of years. It is a true and reliable constant. TrueNorth is also a constant – you can always find your way by utilizing the tools available and finding every opportunity to work safely.